Hip Roof Style

The hip style roof has sloping panels on all sides that slant down at a consistent angle. Of course, there are variations of what a hipped roof garage can look like. There is the square, or pyramid version of the hip roof that is exactly what it sounds like; four triangle-shaped sections meeting at one center point. There is also a different variation in case the building is more rectangular than square. This hip style roof will consist of two triangular sides that meet two longer panels at a ridge, much like a tent. Both variations are excellent roof styles, which style you choose depends on your needs and how the building is shaped.

One of the many benefits from using a hipped roof is the durability, especially in areas of high winds. You may also find you have more flexibility to make simple additions to your roof, such as, adding wraparound gutters or a crow’s nest. Contact the experts at Preferred Garages today to schedule a free consultation and start your custom-built garage project!