Denver Hip Style Roof Contractors

A hip roof or hipped roof is the latest in the modern design of home and garage roofs. The model has four slope surfaces, which come together at one standard ridge known as the hip. This design’s signature is its sturdiness elegant appearance, and construction dependability. However, it necessitates the most complex style of construction, which we’ll go through in this article.

Given its technical features, elaborate engineering, and high-tech support, it’s also one of the most expensive structures. They’re visible in most new homes and garages in the United States and Europe, but are most prevalent in northern regions of Asia. A hip roof is a pyramidal structure with a flat point at the peak. Those without a peak appear to be a pyramid with no keystone. The slopes are very mild (not steep) and do not feature gables because they are sloped on all four sides.

Some houses and/or garages have more than one hip, meaning they can have 8 or even 12 sides to the roof. All sides will have the same pitching level, giving a symmetrical appearance across the centerlines. They have a uniform face surrounding the roof’s bases, allowing your regular gutters or gutter alternatives to be installed around the entire perimeter at the same height. Occasionally, you’ll encounter one with dormer windows, but it’s not often.

Hip Roof Framing Styles:

Simple Square Hip Roof

This style of hip roof, when viewed from a bird’s eye view has four equal triangular sides that meet at a single peak. The “pyramid roof” is another name for this structure and it is the most common, even though it doesn’t contain a hip.

Rectangular Hip Roof

The house or base in this design is rectangular rather than square. Like the peak in the basic square hip, the ridge is where all four slopes meet. This causes two of the roof’s sides to form a triangle, while the other two resemble trapezoids.

Hip Roof Garage Terminology to Know

From a technical standpoint, there are various engineered characteristics that you might want to add to your knowledge bank when it comes to hip roofs.

  • A Gable Roof is a type of roof that lacks vertical ends.
  • We defined an acute angle as any valley where the roof sides touch, whereas a hip is an obtuse angle.
  • The hip end is where the triangular sides of the triangle meet the ridge

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