Four Car Detached & Attached Garage

A four-car detached/attached garage starts at 36×20. This will barely fit four small cars, but is the most common option that offers the most amount of extra space for cabinetry, bike storage, recreational toys, etc. The four-car garage can also be built in larger sizes: 36’x24’ and 36’x30’.

With a four-car garage addition, you create the opportunity to occupy the most amount of space with either storing your vehicles, recreational equipment, maintenance equipment, etc. You also have the ability to take the extra space and create a workshop, office space, apartment, or half bath. At Preferred Garages, Inc., we offer the same customization options for a four-car detached/attached garage including the overhead door options: two double overhead doors, one double overhead door with two single overhead doors, or four single overhead doors.

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