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Two Car Detached Garage - 22x22-Lap-with-Brick

A typical two car garage is 20’x20’ and offers variations of storage. It will fit two smaller vehicles with very little storage, larger vehicles with no storage, or one vehicle with an excess of storage space. Two car garages can be built in additional dimensions from 18’x20’ – 24’x26’, but if you would prefer other custom-built 2 car garage dimensions, our garage builders of Colorado would be more than happy to work with you to build the garage that best suits your needs!

A few of the most common custom two car garages allow for a workshop area, a loft or living/office space above the garage, a mini gym, or even to act as a man cave. There are two options for overhead doors for a two car garage that our Denver garage building company can install: one double overhead door or two single overhead doors.

There are many customization options that go into building any two car garage here at Preferred Garages, Inc. Our garage building process includes steps like choosing the siding options, window options, roofing materials, paint color, seamless gutters, and much more. By choosing to work with our Denver garage building company, you’re choosing to work side by side with our team, calling the shots along they way to ensure the final project is exactly what you envisioned.

Contact the experts at Preferred Garages, Inc. today for more information about building a two car garage and to schedule a FREE estimate with our Denver garage building company. We look forward to serving you and completing your project as soon as possible!

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If you are just starting to think about building a new garage on your property sometimes it’s best to start with a quick phone call. There are many different options, rules, regulations and requirements that may affect your new structure as well as its pricing.

We are happy to give you a quick rough estimate over the phone. Or if you prefer, we can also make a site visit for your FREE ESTIMATE. Often some of our customers already have an idea of what they want or maybe already have plans, we can start there too.

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Preferred Garages, Inc. specializes in custom garage construction in Denver, Colorado, and
has been serving the area since 1990. We emphasize quality and customer satisfaction,
offering unlimited customization and design options for their projects. Their services
include building two-car garages, which are custom-designed according to the client’s
preferences and specifications. These garages can be either attached to the existing home
structure or constructed as detached units, offering flexibility in design and use. Preferred
Garages, Inc. provides its services not only in Denver but also in Larimer County, Castle
Rock, Monument, and the surrounding areas. We ensure that each garage is built to code
and offer a comprehensive analysis process to understand and bring the client’s vision to