Preferred Garages, Inc. Builds Single Car Garage Additions for Many Homes

Custom Small Detached Garage - 14x20 T1-11 Flat Roof

The dimensions of a one car garage start at 12’x20’, but can be built at a 14’x20’ or even larger depending on your needs. The 12’x20’ garage dimensions can tend to be limiting in that there is no left-over space for additional storage which is a huge benefit to adding a garage to your home. Along with choosing the dimensions of your single car garage addition, you can also choose the style of roof you would like. Choose between hip, dutch hip, gable, reverse gable, shed, and gambrel roof styles depending on what fits the current layout of your home. Lastly, depending on the available land, one car garages can also be attached to the home or built separate from the home as a detached garage.

There Are a Variety of Customization Options for One Car Garages in Denver Built by Preferred Garages, Inc. 

Depending on your needs and wants, our expert garage builders can recommend the best customization options for your one car garage. Browse the variety of garage customization options available including siding type, window options, garage door opener, gutters, paint color, etc. Before our team starts on your single car garage addition, we make it a priority to begin the project by understanding the exact garage you envision to ensure you will be thrilled with the results.

We understand that starting the garage construction process can be daunting for some customers. That’s why we make it our priority to walk you through the process and ensure you feel heard on your decisions. Call the expert garage builders at Preferred Garages, Inc. today to schedule your free estimate and let us start building your one car garage in Denver today!

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