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We Can Build Custom Three Car Detached Garages and Custom Three Car Attached Garages

The dimensions for a custom three-car attached/detached garage starts at a 30’x20’ and can range up to 34’x24’. A 3 car garage will fit three average size vehicles and can be customized to meet your needs and wants for extra storage space. A 3 car garage is necessary in order to properly store your vehicles, outdoor recreational equipment, and/or yard maintenance items throughout the unpredictable weather Colorado can experience all year round.

Much like a two-car garage, three-car garages allow for more opportunities to host and entertain large groups and not have to take up space inside your house. Preferred Garages, Inc. offers many variations of 3 car garage customization options including two different overhead door options: one double overhead door with a single overhead door or three single overhead doors.

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If you are just starting to think about building a new garage on your property sometimes it’s best to start with a quick phone call. There are many different options, rules, regulations and requirements that may affect your new structure as well as its pricing.

We are happy to give you a quick rough estimate over the phone. Or if you prefer, we can also make a site visit for your FREE ESTIMATE. Often some of our customers already have an idea of what they want or maybe already have plans, we can start there too.

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Preferred Garages, Inc. provides expert services in designing and building custom three-car
garages, both attached and detached, to accommodate the diverse needs of their clients.
These garages start at a minimum dimension of 30’x20’ and can go up to 34’x24’, offering
ample space for three average-sized vehicles along with extra storage for outdoor
recreational equipment or yard maintenance items. Preferred Garages, Inc. provides a
variety of customization options, including different overhead door configurations, to cater
to the specific desires and requirements of our clients. We service areas including Denver,
Larimer County, Castle Rock, Monument, and the surrounding regions, ensuring each
project is tailored to the client’s needs and built to the highest standards