Garage Styles

Gable Roof

The most common roof style for garages today. Choose any pitch and overhang size. Gable roofs offer more storage or attic space than other roof types. Learn more about Gable Style Roofs of Denver, CO.

Small Detached Garage in Denver - 22x22, hip roof, t-111, 12" overhangs, 4/12 pitch, 6' double door with glass

Hip Roof

Another popular roof style is the hip roof. Hip roofs are most often chosen when trying to match another structure such as your house. Choose any pitch and overhang size. Hip roofs are also the strongest roof you can build. Learn more about Hip Style Roofs of Denver, CO.

Custom Built Detached Car - Garage Construction Company Denver

Dutch Hip Roof

This roof incorporates both a gable style and a hip roof. Notice the peak in the gable ends is where the hip starts. Learn more about Dutch Hip Roof Styles of Denver, CO.

Detached Garage with Reverse Gable Roof Style

Reverse Gable Roof

Basically the same as a regular gable just has the ridge line going the opposite direction. You could also look at it as having the gutters in the front and back vs the sides. Learn more about Reverse Gable Roof Styles of Denver, CO.

Small Detached Garage Construction Company Denver, CO

Shed Roof

A very modern looking roof style. This design allows for a taller wall on one side giving more clearance and storage height. Learn more about Shed Roof Styles of Denver, CO.

Gambrel Barn Roof

Typically the gambrel roof incorporates a full attic for storage or living space. Learn more about Gambrel Barn Roof Style of Denver, CO.

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