Shed Roof Style

There are flat and slant shed roofs that have pros and cons to each and will determine what shed style roof your Denver shed needs. Flat shed roofs are heavily impacted by harsh weather conditions and will rarely be as durable as the slant shed roofs. However, if the flat roof style is built properly and with durable, heavy duty materials, it will assist with the roof lasting as long as possible.

The shed style roof, whether flat or slanted, is cost effective in smaller buildings because of its need for less materials than other roofs and typically decreasing cost associated with building and labor. The simple and easy to build design makes it perfect for those smaller sheds that are not meant to hold as much equipment and/or tools. Larger structures with shed roofs will cost more. There are a few downfalls with the flat shed style roof one being that it comes with little to no attic space. There are also potential draining issues which may cause you more of a headache in the future.Contact the experts at Preferred Garages in Denver today to schedule your free estimate and let our team build your custom shed with a flat or slanted shed roof style.