Preferred Garages, Inc. Builds Professional Custom Made Garages in Denver, CO

How It Works: Our Custom Garage Company Building Process Is As Follows:

A custom-built garage, whether attached or detached, is an extremely beneficial addition. It is important to know the specific purpose of your custom-made garage before starting the construction process. Do not fear, our team of specialized garage contractors are here to help! Let’s start by identifying how you plan to use your new custom-built garage.

  • Do you need a one car garage or multi-car garage?
  • Do you need extra storage space?
  • Will your specialized garage be dual-purpose? – i.e. workshop and garage

Once we know the purpose of your custom-made garage, we will need to narrow in on the specifics of your project itself. Our team of expert garage contractors may ask some of the following questions to ensure we meet all of your needs:

  • What city or county will the permits be issued in?
  • What size of garage are you wanting?
  • What is the wall height you want?
  • What door and window sizes do you want? How many doors and windows do you want?
  • What do you want your driveway and sidewalks are you envisioning?
  • What garage siding materials are you wanting to use?
  • What roof type do you want for your custom-made garage?
  • How do you want your electrical system installed?
  • What color do you want to paint the interior/exterior of your garage?

There are a variety of options to choose from when purchasing your custom-made garage like the siding and roofing materials to window and gutters. We understand the custom garage building process can be overwhelming; our Denver, CO based garage building contractors are here to help you through the process step-by-step!

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If you are just starting to think about building a new garage on your property sometimes it’s best to start with a quick phone call. There are many different options, rules, regulations and requirements that may affect your new structure as well as its pricing.

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